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Foley Training & Consulting, Inc., helps you strengthen your business and employees through our effective Training and Consulting services. The following are comments from some of the clients we've helped in the past.


"Excellent, dynamic presentation, superb delivery of practical, relevant material and a great sense of humor."

Walt Seliga | Account Executive | Johnson & Johnson™

"No teacher or mentor has ever impressed me more than Dave Foley. I learned more about what matters most to me in this one-day seminar than in all the years I've lived... the room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop while he held the floor."

Jeanne Allen | Executive Secretary | IBM®

"Dave Foley comes through as a man of great warmth, compassion, and sincerity. He is also a great humorist and is very, very knowledgeable about his subject matter."

Helen Baker, Realtor® | Century 21®

"The instructor, Dave Foley, used excellent analogies to present his material. He was also enthusiastic, humorous, knowledgeable, and extremely interesting."

George Hemingway | Graphic Artist | Oakland Schools

"Excellent! I loved it! Exactly what I needed!"

Roger Stimbert | District Manager | Wal-Mart®