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      Dave Foley is Foley Training & Consulting, Inc.  For more than 25 years Dave has been creating and delivering excellent training and consulting services all across North America.  He has conducted more than 1,950 seminars and workshops for a wide variety of clients.

     He earned his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in education and spent seven years teaching at the university and high school levels before moving into the business world as a corporate executive and trainer.  Dave has held numerous leadership positions in corporate, community, and volunteer organizations and has worked with hundreds of organizations over the years.  He has an insider's, as well as an outsider's perspective of what makes an organization tick, and what it's needs are.

     Dave started his training career creating the Tom Hopkins Training Center in Detroit and conducted Sales Training workshops for clients all around the Midwest.  He then joined Day-Timers, Inc. and conducted Time Management seminars throughout the continental U.S.  He then spent more than 10 years as a Senior Consultant with the FranklinCovey organization conducting Time Management, Stress Management, and Project Management seminars all across the United States and Canada.

     In direct response to requests from many of his clients who wanted and needed more variety and flexibility in their training, he founded Foley Training & Consulting, Inc. in 2000.  This enables him to provide training and consulting services tailored to the needs and circumstances of each organization.


Our Goal -- 

     Our goal is to do all that we can to help strengthen your business by offering excellent consulting and training that meets your needs, circumstances, and budget.